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Sometimes you have sensitive photos and want to keep them private, but also easily accessible ?

SECRETO is the answer.

■ SECRETO is a powerful encryption application for keeping your sensitive photos private.

■ Why is SECRETO different ?
• SECRETO save each photo as a native high encrypted file, instead of a gallery accessed with a password.
• Each SECRETO’s photo can be encrypted with different password.
• SECRETO’s photos can be stored anywere you like, but they can only be accessed through SECRETO application and only with your password.

■ How safe are SECRETO’s photos ?
• Don’t worry, the SECRETO’s photos encryption is created with several layers of high encryption algoritms, is really paranoid…
• Photos taken with the camera through the SECRETO application are not saved in the device library, they are saved directly as encrypted photos.
• Local photo access can be set to different level of protection depending of who can access your device.

■ Why choose SECRETO ?
• You can sync SECRETO’s photos to your preferred cloud: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex Disk.
• There are versions available for different operating systems, so you can sync SECRETO’s photos between your desktop computer and your mobile device.